Communication Guidelines

Our Comunication Guidelines is a design scheme made up of a number of core elements and guiding principles that combine to create a distinctive look and feel that makes the Hummer immediately recognizable. It is the primary representation of our brand and must appear clearly on all communications. Also, our new logo is a representation of everything that we stand for. It is modern and distinct. It is not only the new language of dominance, security and confidence, but it is also the logo of vibrant, dynamic and proactive, and most of all, ambitious.

Logo Guidelines

Visual Guidelines

Reinventing Hummer

In the era of information explosion, It is not difficult to gain the knowledge you want to satisfy your personal interests or business needs. However, the rapidness and accuracy of resources are what developing individuals and growing businesses are going after. Hummer will create a sophisticated information network to enhance individuals and businesses understanding of technology, marketing and human resources, to identify future developments for any possible opportunities. The extensions all follow four actions: Connecting, Establishing, Researching and Transcending, bringing people to a higher altitude and greater goals with future developments. We have categorized our future extension with three keywords which derived from our brand attributes: Dominance, Confidence and Security.

New Territory


New Territory: Dominance



Hummer Brand Book

Hummer Rebranding / Student Project / Code and Design by Peihua Lee / Spring 2015